Are you a pilot or employee at an airport? Are you concerned about security?

Top 10 common sense things you can do to improve aviation security.


1. Greet anyone not known to you when seen near aircraft or on the ramp area.

2. Verify all vehicles on the ramp and ensure they belong.

3. Gather passengers and baggage at one location before boarding and after arriving.

4. Visually follow crew and passengers from the lobby to the aircraft and immediately report any unusual actions.

5. Verify the identity of flight students, aircraft renters and transient flight creww before allowing them to access the ramp.

6. Know your passengers and ensure that no unknown person or property is brought aboard your aircraft.

7. Lock your aircraft when it's unattended, even for short periods.

8. Concider using security tape on aircraft doors when away from your aircraft to guard against tampering.

9. Inspect wing and fuselage compartments for tampering prior to re-boarding aircraft.

10. Become familiar with other based aircraft and thier operators. Get to know your tie-down and hanger neighbors.


Security is everyones business! Don't leave it up to everyone else.

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